Tips for Reducing Waste

By Derrick Pedranti

Reduce waste and reuse cups by Derrick Pedranti

Help Reduce Waste by Resusing Cups or Mugs

You can reduce waste by reusing cups or mugs at work and at home. If you do need to use a disposable cup try reusing the same cup for the day. Often times, I'll just rinse out a cup I've used and leave it on my office desk or on the kitchen counter at home so I can grab it and reuse it later.

For Hot Drinks, Use and Reuse Cup Sleeves

People sometimes stack two paper coffee cups instead of one so that the drink isn't to hot to hold. Coffee shops and work areas often provide cup sleeves. Please use and reuse these cup sleeves. They can help reduce the environmental impact of using too many paper cups.

These are just a couple tips that can help reduce needless waste in our landfills.

Thank you,

Derrick Pedranti